Who Should Apply

All big data practitioners including big data architects, big data developers, big data analysts, big data managers, data scientists, statisticians, mathematicians, engineers, researchers, information security professionals, data warehousing professionals, data management practitioners, C-level executives such as CIOs and CTOs, and others who are simply curious and interested in learning about big data technologies and its applications.


Discounts on all training classes, certifications, global conferences and seminars

Opportunity to partner or team with us on big data grants and contracts on a consulting basis

Unlimited access to our archives, including case studies, whitepapers and all content on our website

Free print and online big data trade magazine published monthly

Access to all online big data scholarly journals published by AABDP

Discounts on all big data books we promote

Opportunity to speak at global conferences and seminars sponsored by AABDP (by invitation only). If invited to speak, we will cover all your expenses

Discounts on promotional products in our store

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