“Big Data R&D plays a critical role in the innovation of products and services collaboratively produced by many diverse disciplines coming together."

Our Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiative 1:

To coordinate with researchers from across various disciplines from the academia, industry and the government.

Strategic Initiative 2:

By applying the principles of pure sciences including mathematics and computer science, to formulate and develop processes, analytics and applications to accommodate societal needs, ranging from medicine, health, cybersecurity, education, exploration and manufacturing.

Strategic Initiative 3:

To address, educate and promote issues surrounding privacy, ethics and laws.


Big Data challenges are several and some are exclusive to each domain. For example, some of the challenges faced by healthcare sector include: data complexity; privacy, security, ethical, legal, and social issues; and interoperability, portability, and compatibility [1]. The American Association of Big Data Professionals in 2016 conducted a study and found that certain Big Data challenges were common to all domains such as:

Speed Constraints Uploading Data to the Cloud

Data Wrangling

Rapid Integration of Datasets

Web-scale Data Search and Discovery

Real-time Rapid Processing of Heterogenous Datasets

[1] M-Tahar Kechadi: Healthcare Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities. BDAW '16 Proceedings of the International Conference on Big Data and Advanced Wireless Technologies. Article No. 3. November 10 - 11, 2016. ACM New York, NY, USA

R&D Areas of Interest

Neural Networks

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Application of Big Data Technology to Cybersecurity

Big Data Software Development Frameworks

Privacy and Ethical Issues in Big Data